Girl's Tartan Ra Ra Skirt Sizing Guide

How to measure for your Girl's Tartan Ra Ra Skirt

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The Girl's Tartan Ra Ra Skirt has elastic in the waistband so it is nice and comfortable and of course this means you don't have to get the waist measurement exactly right and there is some room for growth.  The chart below gives you the standard sizes for each age but we do of course make each skirt to order so you can alter waist and length measurements as you wish.

The tartan is up to you. We have a range of 500 tartans so if you have a family tartan then this little skirt makes a lovely gift for daughters, nieces and grand-daughters. If you don't have a family tartan you can choose a generic one which can be worn by anyone such as the Black Watch, Stewart Royal, Caledonia, Edinburgh or Flower of Scotland tartans. Or just choose the colour you know that little girl will love the most! If you can't find the tartan you are looking for please let us know as we maybe be able to source it for you in an alternative fabric.

Tartan Mini Skirt Sizing Guide

Waist (A)  Run tape measure firmly around the waist or where you would like the skirt to sit.
Hip (B) Run the tape measure around the widest part of the hips or seat.
Length (C)  Run the tape measure from the navel to the desired length of the skirt.

Age  Age 3/4 years  Age 5/6 years  Age 7/8 years  Age 9/10 years  Age 11/12 years
Waist Measurement (A) 51-56cm/20-22"  56-61cm/22-24"  61-66cm/24-26"  81cm/26-28"  71-76cm/28-30" 
Length Measurement (B) 28cm/11"  30.5cm/12"  33cm/13"  35.5cm/14"  38cm/15" 

**Maximum waist size 30 inches/76cm. Maximum length 15 inches/38cm. Sizes above this carry a small surcharge.

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