Men's Traditional Kilt Sizing Guide

How to Measure for your traditional Kilt

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We will require the following measurements from you in centimetres or inches. Please do not measure yourself, ask a friend to help as it makes it so much easier and they can double check you are measuring in the right place:

Men's kilt measuring guide


Run tape measure firmly around your waist at the navel, the actual kilt waist, not at the top of the hip where trousers/pants usually sit. Please make sure to measure firmly, as the kilt sits higher on your body, thus it needs to fit snugly enough to ensure that it will stay up.


Run the tape measure firmly, but not tightly around the widest part of your hips or seat.


To measure the length for your kilt please kneel on the ground, place the tape on the floor then measure up to the navel/belly button. Traditionally the kilt should hang to the middle of your kneecap, unless you prefer to wear it shorter or longer then of course we can make to your personal preference.

**Please note that kilts over a waist size of 42 inches will carry a small surcharge.**

How your Kilt is made

The Fabric

We use a heavyweight 16oz kilt fabric woven in Scotland. This fabric will last forever if cared for correctly, is the perfect weight to create that swing that makes a kilt look and feel so good, and has the kilting selvedge to create the fringed edge on the apron.  We don't skimp on fabric either. Traditionally the kilt is made from 8 yards of single width cloth, but if you are a larger gentleman and we need to use 9 yards then we will. 

Making your Kilt

Buying a kilt is creating a family heirloom that can be handed down from generation to generation. Our kilts are all traditionally made in Scotland with all the trappings of a high quality finish including 2 leather straps and buckles on the waist and one on the hip, fringed front apron and nice deep pleats for a great swing. The kilts are made using a combination of machine and hand sewing to ensure a top quality finish.

To Sett or To Stripe

As standard we make our kilts to Sett but if you want yours made to Stripe or horizonatally please just ask. Sometimes this costs a little bit more as it uses more fabric and takes more time but rest assured we will only apply a surcharge if we have to.

The Tartan

Your kilt is made to measure just for you and you can choose from over 500 Scottish clan tartans. If you can't find the one you are looking for please ask as we may be able to source it for you.

How to care for your kilt

Properly cared for your kilt will last for generations. This is a pure wool fabric and should be dry cleaned only. Wool fabric can become dull with general dust and dirt. Gentle brushing with a garment brush will birghten it up again.

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