Cornish Tartans

Cornish Tartans Tartan

About the Cornish Tartans Tartan

It is a much overlooked fact that all Celts have tartans, not just the Scots. The national tartan of Kernow (Cornwall) is as follows: White on Black for St. Piran's Banner (The Patron Saint of Cornwall), Black and Gold were the colours of the ancient Cornish kings, Red is for the beak and legs of the Chough, the Cornish National bird, Blue is for the sea surrounding Cornwall.

The Cornish Hunting tartan was designed in 1984 as a subdued alternative to the rather bright Cornish National Tartan. The Hunting Tartan incorporates all the colours of the original National Tartan but with a dark green background. It is also said that Royal Blue and Gold were the colours of the Cornish Wrestlers.