World Cup tartan 2014 First of all big congratulations to Germany for their World Cup win. No German orders today we assume as you will all be out celebrating Gotze's fabulous winning goal. I am not a huge football fan but even I can appreciate the composure required to control the ball and score that one. So of course we have to write a topical blog to catch the final bit of World Cup fever and before we start the countdown to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. There are many photos of the tartan army out enjoying the football in Brazil but we loved these ones of the World Cup tartan created by Clan Italia to celebrate the link between Scotland and Brazil through football and to mark the hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Games being awarded to Rio de Janeiro and the up and coming Fifa World Cup. New research has shown that it was actually a Scotsman who introduced the great game of football to Brazil. Keen footballer Donohue, a dye expert from Busby near Glasgow went to work in a factory in Bangu near Rio de Janeiro in 1893 and persuaded workers to play their first five-a-side game on a Sunday in April 1894. We then got a bit nostalgic and had to include a photo of supporters from the 1978 World Cup and finally an image of the stamp that the Royal Mail created, but never actually produced, just in case Scotland pulled off a miracle and won the World Cup. I love the optimism of Royal Mail and wish that first class stamps still cost 9p!