Womens cashmere glovesThe 1st of September has arrived. Our favourite season when we can get out all those lovely winter accessories. Wrap up in cashmere scarves and gloves. Have you seen the plain colour cashmere scarves we currently have in the sale? So light and perfect for days when you don't want to wear a coat but you need a bit of extra warmth. Don't get us started on gloves. The new stock has arrived and the warehouse is like a rainbow of colour. Our Everyday Cashmere Gloves range was so popular last year with the ladies that we have introduced lots more colours this year, shades of blue, pink, purple and red to match every winter coat. For the sophisticates amongst you the Button Cuff Cashmere Glove range remains and for the trendy we have our stripey Texting Gloves. Winter all wrapped up! Next week the Cashmere Hot Water Bottles with matching Bed Socks come in. Vibrant blue, purple and pink this year to complement the usual cream, soft grey and otter brown. Think we might have to light the fire and have a staff snuggle up just to celebrate! Our cashmere range is designed and manufactured in Scotland by the company who pioneered the weaving of cashmere in 1851 so you are guaranteed the very best quality and style. For those of you who love cashmere we have a few Cashmere Facts for you to impress your friends with while you are showing off your new scarves and gloves! 1. Cashmere was so prized in Imperial Rome that only the elite political leaders were allowed to wear it 2. Sir Edmund Hilary climbed Mount Everest wearing cashmere to keep him warm 3. Cashmere is so warm because when the fine cashmere fibres are twisted together in spinning, thousands of microscopic air pockets are formed, making it a superb insulator 4. It takes the hair from one goat to make a scarf, two to make a ladies sweater, three for a man’s sweater and at least twenty-four for an overcoat Point 4 probably sums up why cashmere is such an exclusive and expensive product. The perfect Scottish gift! Cashmere hot water bottle covers