This week's blog is inspired by a very lovely customer who sent us a HUGE tin of Quality Streets as a thank you for making his tartan trews so quickly. This kind gentleman enclosed a handwritten card thanking us for "outstanding customer service" and going "beyond the call of duty in your efforts". We do try very hard to deliver good service and ensure our customers are happy and it is very, very nice to receive a thank you. Particularly on a very sunny Friday afternoon when we really want to sneak out and sit in the sun. A bit ironic that our homepage changed on Monday to show the lovely texting gloves...and now it is roasting hot! However given that our customers are scattered around the world it is surely cold enough for super cosy gloves somewhere today. To read more feedback and reassure yourselves before purchasing that we are a good company, with a reputation to uphold for supplying quality Scottish tartans then we have a few pages of customer comments here. And if you have any comments to make, good or bad as we know we can always improve, then send them in and they will always be read and considered.