Stocking Stuffer Stories

Stocking Stuffers, that most dreaded of gifts, they can't be too big or too small but always just right. To be honest, I was putting this one off so, imagine my delight on finding that the ScotlandShop team had a new, if only temporary, member. Eilidh is in for the week so I thought it would be appropriate to get her to take on some of my ever-growing workload, I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do - Jack
Hi, I'm Eilidh and during my time on work experience with I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview everyone about their Christmas stocking preferences. This proved to be a highly controversial topic, with varying "must haves" but they were delighted to share their memories of past stockings (less keen to admit how much they spent). Hopefully these short stories will allow you to get to know their personalities a little better and gather some ideas about what you could stuff your very own stocking with.


Tartan_Christmas_Stocking The Head of Tartan tends to think carefully about her choice of stocking filler. Having no budget enables her to choose exactly the right gifts for the recipient, it’s about the thought more than the price tag. Starting to plan what’s going in the stockings doesn’t have a start date; it can be whenever the perfect product is spotted! Her best childhood memory is said to be seeing the stocking hanging over the fire place knowing that she managed to nab the biggest sock (Dad's old Earlston rugby sock) and was therefore guaranteed the most presents… apparently.


Tartan_Christmas_Stocking This “Surprise Shopper”, relies on other people to provide some of the stocking fillers just to add an air of surprise. Although she doesn't usually have a tight budget, she might occasionally get carried away and splash out on something over the top; it's Christmas after all! The majority of stocking fillers tend to be impulse buys which need to be eye-catching and unique to grab this shopper's attention.


Tartan_Christmas_Stocking Ideally would like to receive something useful like socks or gloves; especially if they’re inspired by Scotland. One or two presents will be carefully planned and the rest definitely wouldn’t be re-gifted unless necessary. The best memory would have to be sneaking into brother’s room and opening the stocking fillers together and rejecting the oranges by hurling them out the window.


Tartan_Christmas_Stocking The ultimate Christmas Stocking Filler, particularly favours the jokey presents with specific meaning behind why she chose them for the lucky person. The budget isn’t relevant unless her husband asks, then it becomes very relevant and usually much smaller! The wrapping of the gifts is almost as important as what’s inside, meaning everything has to be individually covered in paper, this tactic is to slow down the opening process so the presents can be appreciated.


Tartan_Christmas_Stocking The Classic All-rounder, basically wants to cover all bases by putting something to eat, to build and something smelly (the good kind of smelly such as soaps etc. definitely nothing foul - unless her boyfriend has acted up!) into the stockings, unlike the others she specifies that the budget would be around £30 depending on who it is. BUT if there’s something that stands out then she won’t hesitate to add it to the stocking. The best thing about a stocking, as far as Emma is concerned, is finding a chocolate orange at the bottom.


Tartan_Christmas_Stocking Fills his stockings with edibles (and wants to receive them too - not that you would know it by the look of him - I mean really Auryn, eat something!!) Auryn has no budget and is 100% driven by impulse when it comes to buying. Every stocking he’s received so far provides equal amounts of surprise.


Tartan_Christmas_Stocking Stockings should be filled with everything cute and cuddly: cashmere obviously. The best thing about stockings is that they can be a surprise for anyone of any age and her mum would still definitely fill one, with inside jokes and little sentimental presents to provide the much anticipated Christmas surprise. The nostalgia linked to stockings is essential when buying stocking fillers.


Tartan_Christmas_Stocking The One Week Worker always looks for something unique, quality over quantity. When filling a stocking there shouldn’t be a budget and all gifts should be carefully planned and gathered over the year. However, the last minute buys can sometimes be the best. The key is always to add something fun and unexpected that’s still relevant to the person receiving.
Everyone likes a surprise stocking so why not fill it with tartan this Christmas?