Ditch dull navy blue and pitch the pale periwinkles, make way for stunning sapphire.
Sapphire has a special place in my heart as my Mum's engagement ring has one beautiful blue sapphire as the centre piece and as a little girl I loved to try it on and admire it on my finger. This bold colour is a bit like black, it works beautifully with so many other colours and can be used for key pieces or accessories, so depending how you wear it you can transform your look.

Colour Me Tartan Sapphire BlueHow to wear sapphire blue

Replace your little black dress with sapphire blue for a more mysterious vibe. When it is time to party combine it with vibrant tones such as red, fuchsia, berry, lemon, or orange to make an entrance. Tone down for work and a business like style by combining with shades of white or black for strong, flattering silhouettes.

Sapphire blue tartans

There are many shades of blue in the hundreds of tartans we stock and the hardest thing is to choose the right shade for you. Our favourites include Canna Sapphire with lots of white and a red stripe for a really fresh look, Edinburgh for a really true blue and a nod to our beautiful capital city or MacBeth Modern for a really tartany tartan. Our tartan finder allows you to search by colour so if none of these take your fancy this is good place to start.
A kiss on the hand may feel very, very good, but a diamond and sapphire bracelet lasts forever, wrote author Anita Loos. Surely she meant to say a sapphire tartan?