White signifies fresh and new, snowdrops in the Spring, freshly laundered sheets, a crisp white shirt for work, and of course the colour of choice for wedding dresses marking the beginning of a new partnership. The White Company was created 20 years ago when founder Chrissie was unable to find well designed quality bed linen in white. If you can build such a successful company based on one colour this surely demonstrates the importance of this colour in our lives and the timeless quality of white.
Karl Lagerfeld once said "black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means."
And of course it is so easy to choose your accessories as white goes with everything. In 2014 everything was monochrome but this year we are allowed to be braver with our colour combinations. This is why we love our Dress Modern tartans as they are crisp white contrasted with vibrants reds, yellows, greens and blues depending which one you choose. Or the Dancer tartans designed for highland dancers but just such gorgeous fresh, summery colours with a white check they are perfect for skirts and bags. Colour me tartan White Wearing white is surrounded by a few negative myths too so don't be put off worrying that if you stray from wearing all black you will look like the side of a bus, just choose your key pieces carefully and if they fit well they will look good whatever colour they are. Those with fair skin should contrast their white with some colourful accessories to avoid looking washed out. Use white to set you free instead of limiting your choices. When you wear white every other colour you combine it with looks doubly good! And don't only wear white in the summer, it can look equally good in the winter, layer it up and use different textures and shades of white to give your outfit depth.
So remember white is not just for Wimbledon, if you are in the US you can wear it before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, and yes we can make you a white pleated kilt (a customer just called to ask so we thought we would share this with you!)