Grazia Magazine 8th October 2013 CoverGrazia 8th October 2013 Tartan Mini Kilt Coverage The mania for tartan and the mini kilt continues with some fabulous coverage from Grazia Magazine in their October 8th issue. The New York City (green, top right), Stewart Royal (red, middle) and Erskine Black and White Modern (bottom right) tartans enjoy a whole page to themselves and we have seen them flying off the shelves ever since. The great thing about our Mini Kilt is that along with a few tartans in stock we have the custom make option so you can choose if you want yours super mini to show off your fabulous legs, or a demure above the knee number. Personally I like to keep my rather too chunky thighs hidden! Your footwear can totally change the look too. A pair of simple black brogues for a workwear or preppy look, spikey heels for going dancing and sexy legs, biker boots if you want to go punk. The choice of tartan is endless. If you have a Scottish connection we can help you find your family tartan or if you just fancy a bit of tartan let us guide you through the maze of colours to find your favourite.