Delivery is the bugbear of online shopping. We make you beautiful things in your special tartan in the timescale requested and then the delivery company miss the trunk, mi-sort the parcel or try to deliver just when you nipped out for a pint of milk and all the neighbours disappeared. We use DPD/Interlink for most of our parcels and this is because they seem to try a little bit harder than anyone else to get it right. First of all they brought out the one hour delivery slot and driver tracking. You receive a notification in the morning to say that DPD driver Brian has your parcel and will deliver betweeen 10.21 and 11.21 and using your parcel reference you can track him as his van does the rounds and heads towards you. It is really accurate to the extent that we have had customers phone us to say that Brian is on the wrong street and can we get hold of him to let him know. You can of course change the delivery day, address or pass on a safe place for your parcel to be left if this slot doesn't suit you. The new "Your DPD" app is the latest attempt to make your lives easier and having just downloaded it onto my phone and had a play with it we think it is great. You can set up your home, work and any other delivery addresses. The option is there to set a "safe place" if you want your parcel left somewhere and you can even choose which neighbours are happy to receive a parcel for you....and those you do not want your parcels left with. We have a "delivery notes" section at the Checkout but this means that if you forget to add instructions then they are automatically picked up by DPD once your address is entered. If you know you are always out of the house doing for example the school run between 8.15 and 9.30am you can even set up your account to request that the drivers always avoid these times of day. Clever stuff and great to see our chosen courier leading the way and making your purchases nice and simple to receive. Yet another app for your phone or tablet but at least it's more useful than Candy Crush!
If you have any feedback let us know and we can pass it on to our account manager.