Now Magazine tartan feature So much lovely tartan in this week's Now Magazine proving yet again we are on trend for Autumn/Winter. Obviously our products should be featured in the article...we have been speaking to Now so maybe next time! Tartan skirts and dresses inspired by Emma Watson's puffball, a very stylish pair of tartan trousers and all sorts of lovely accessories. We can recreate almost all of these looks for you and of course in your choice of tartan so you can design a totally unique outfit. Good to see the red check trilby in there as we will have our very own version for you by the end of next week. It is with the photographer right now! Another pair of tartan shorts are just leaving our warehouse to go to a customer today. These are proving to be one of your favourite products and this pair are in brown and aqua of the Thompson Hunting Ancient tartan and they are stunning. Check out our Facebook page for a photo in the next few minutes.