The countdown to the New York City Tartan Day Parade for 2019 is on! With just five weeks to go until the big day, Clan Davidson are calling for clansmen and women far and wide to march with then in the 21st Annual Parade.
Clan Davidson - New York City Tartan Week 2019

Last Year the Clan won the title of "Most Represented Clan" and of course this is a title the clan are looking to defend this year. We spoke to John Dawson, President of the Clan Davidson Society of North America to find out more about how they came to claim the title in 2018. The North American society is just one of the four Clan Davidson membership groups worldwide. The other three groups are based in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

Do Clan Davidson attend the New York City Tartan Day Parade every year?

We have had Davidson's in the Parade almost every year, however we have been marching as a Clan for only the past 3 years, since I have taken office.

How many members travelled to the parade last year in order for you to win "Most Represented Clan"?

We had 27 marching with the Clan last year, we had many more in attendance, but they were committed to other organisations. Last year our youngest marcher was 8, but our youngest ever was one year old. Our longest marching member is Darwin Davidson who is now in his eighties, he has been marching since the first few years of the New York City Tartan Day Parade.

Clan Davidson - New York City Tartan Week

Was this the first time the clan have won the title?

It is my understanding that last was the first year for the award. I was told on the Sunday after the Parade that we had the most people marching as a Clan, although it wasn't until September that I was made aware of the title.

Clan Davidson - New York City Tartan Week

Were all of the 27 members marching from the USA or did anyone travel from further afield?

Last year they were all Americans, but that has not always been the case.

Clan Davidson - New York City Tartan Week

Are you excited to be returning to the Big Apple to march in 2019?

I am excited, I am always excited to represent my Clan, maybe more so this year. The challenge of remaining the most attended Clan again this year, has basically stirred the blood similar to our International Gathering in 2017.

We were delighted to hear that Sir Billy Connolly has been announced as the Grand Marshall for this year's parade. How did the clan react?

Sir Billy Connolly has definitely added to the excitement, I am a big fan and it has helped encourage some fence straddlers to come along and march.

Sir Billy Connolly - New York City Tartan Week

Are there any other events the Clan attend regularly?

You will find a Clan Davidson tent at Highland Games and Celtic events worldwide, even our Clan Chief and his wife host a tent in New Zealand. In America and Canada our presence has grown every year in the recent years.

Are your Clan marching in the New York City Tartan Day Parade this year? We'd love to hear your stories ahead of our first trip Stateside to take part in the parade this April. Whilst in New York we will also be hosting a Pop-Up Store & Measuring Service at the Algonquin Hotel 59 W 44th St from April 3rd-7th so feel free to come and say hello.