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The Tartan Scarf - How will you wear yours?

The staple accessory for every male or female wardrobe is the tartan scarf, bringing colour to any outfit and occasion, the choice is endless in terms of colour and texture. Today we explore some of the fabrics and yarns and the advantages of each. Brushed Wool - cosy, cost effective and quite simply very nice. The brushed wool tartan scarf is [...]

Groom's Fashion - Tie the Knot with Tartan

Choosing a wedding dress may be the most important clothing decision a lady will ever make, but let's not forget this is also the most important day of the Groom's life too! Kilt, Suit, or Tails, there are a lot of options out there. Tie the Knot are on hand to help Groom's narrow down the world of choices with a dedicated Groom's fashion section [...]

Doddie'5 Tartan Ted - Ted has crossed the Border!

#Doddie5TartanTed is on a mission to make it from BT Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh down to the Principality Stadium in Cardiff in time for the Doddie Weir Cup match on the 3rd November, raising awareness of Doddie'5 Tartan and the My Name'5 Doddie Foundation. At the start of week Ted travelled just over 100 miles from Preston Lodge RFC in [...]

Tales of Highland Dance - The Highland Hustle

As part of our series on Highland Dance we just had to feature a piece on the latest fitness craze sweeping the nation. Meet Gillian, founder of The Highland Hustle fitness class. Lifelong dancer and 4th in the World Highland Dance Championships and soloist performer at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Gillian is now a PE teacher, wife and mum to [...]

Doddie'5 Tartan Ted, where is Ted now?

After setting off from Murrayfield on Monday 1st October, #Doddie5TartanTed has been travelling around a number of rugby clubs in Scotland, with the end goal of making it to Cardiff in time for the Doddie Cup match on 3rd November, raising awareness for Doddie'5 Tartan and the My Name'5 Doddie Foundation along the way. In our last blog Ted could [...]

Cashmere Story Part 3 - Why Cashmere?

Coming from the Scottish Borders, the home of Cashmere made in Scotland, we are of course a little biased towards this luxurious fibre, however to back this up this entire blog is devoted to explaining just why cashmere is so special. So why is Cashmere better than wool? The answer to this is all about the fibre, unlike wool cashmere comes from [...]

Tales of Highland Dance: Steps in the right direction

To be a true Highland Dancer it is important to know your Pas de basques, Fling steps and Sword steps. In the first of our Tales of Highland Dance series we explore some of the special steps and leaps involved in this highly energetic and precise dance form. There are 5 positions of the feet so surely it can't be that hard? There are also 5 [...]

Cashmere Story - Part 2 What Ply should I buy?

On our website states what ply a cashmere sweater or pair of gloves is. But what exactly does this mean? As part of our series looking more deeply into cashmere, how it is made and what makes the difference in quality, we find the answer to this question. If you are not experienced in yarn or trained in garment manufacture it is not so easy to [...]

Doddie'5 Tartan Ted Sets off from Murrayfield

This morning Doddie'5 Tartan Ted set off from BT Murrayfield Stadium as he travels to Cardiff in time for the Doddie Weir Cup. Ted started his day helping out the lovely Michaela on reception for Scottish Rugby. Murrayfield stadium has been the home of Scottish Rugby for 97 years. On 21 March 1925 England were the first team to visit [...]

Doddie’5 Tartan Ted travels the 3 nations

Can the Doddie’5 Tartan Ted make it from Edinburgh to Cardiff in time for the Doddie Weir Cup? Ted will set off from Murrayfield on 1st October and with the help of rugby clubs across Scotland, England and Wales he will travel around the country raising awareness of the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation and Doddie’s very own tartan. Ted will gather [...]