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Hogmanay - Scottish Traditions and Edinburgh Focus

If there is one nation famous for celebrating Hogmanay or New Year in great style it is Scotland. We delve into a little history of this great tradition as well as finding out just what is happening around the world to welcome 2019 this year. From the end of the 17th century to the 1950's Christmas was not really celebrated as a festival in [...]

Tartan Inspired Giftwrap - Make your own Envelope

An envelope is a great way to wrap all sorts of items, large or small, just adapt the size of your envelope to suit your gift. Use Christmas paper, craft paper, pug themed paper, whatever takes your fancy. You will need: Not very much, simply some wrapping paper, scissors, double sided tape and a sprig of fir cones sprayed a festive gold, some [...]

Tartan Inspired Giftwrap - Awkward Shapes

Those lovely bath bombs always cause me a lot of grief as I try to wrap them up in a stylish way. Bumpy bits, creases in the wrong places and a generally rather messy finish can spoil a thoughtful gift so today we learn how to wrap awkward shapes so you can hand over your presents with pride. You will need: A few layers of festive coloured tissue [...]

Clan Watson - Unleash Your Inner Tartan

Clan Watson Elementary my dear Watsons, I bet you’ve never heard that before, have you? In our continuing efforts to compile an exhaustive catalogue of blogs about Scottish surnames we turn our attention to Clan Watson. Is there a Clan Watson? According to my trusty companion, Scots Kith and Kin, it would appear that there is no such clan as [...]

Tartan Inspired Giftwrap - Make your own Gift Bag

In need of a crafty challenge or keen to add a personal touch to your gift wrap this Christmas. Making your own gift bag is surprisingly easy and very effective, and that extra personal touch makes your presents that bit more special. We have had a lot of fun personalising this one here in the office! Emma added her own illustrations to simple [...]

Tartan Inspired Giftwrap - Cellophane and Bows

Creating a hamper of gifts or simply lots of little items that you need to wrap up nicely into one beautiful looking parcel? Grab your cellophane, a small piece of fabric and a roll of tartan ribbon and get ready to learn some new tricks. You will need: Cellophane, scissors, a box, basket or other container, a small piece of tartan (or other) [...]

Customer Stories - Scot Forge, the company mad about plaid

When people learn that I work for ScotlandShop, one of the most common questions that I get asked is "Do you have to wear tartan every day?" In our office we have a fairly casual dress code so I'm sorry to say that it's quite rare that we can be found wearing tartan, however in our Edinburgh Store we do always make the effort to wear some of our [...]

Tartan Inspired Giftwrap - The Pleated Fold

When we ran our Gift Wrap evening in the Edinburgh shop the Pleated Fold was everyone's favourite technique to learn. Now you too can master this professional wrap in the comfort of your own home. What you will need: Your special gift (we are using our boxed set of tartan cufflinks in the Wallace tartan, think Braveheart and all things [...]

Tartan Ted travels the USA

Can Tartan Ted make it from California to New York in time for the New York Tartan Day Parade on 6th April 2019? If you are a rugby fan then you may have spotted that back in October, we ran a successful campaign where we made one of our tartan teddy bears up in the very famous former international and Scottish Rugby player, Doddie Weir's tartan [...]