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Tartan Inspired Gift Wrap - The V Pleat

The V Pleat is I think a very sophisticated and smart gift wrap technique, one I expect from my sister-in-law, Susan, but would have always imagined am highly unlikely to achieve. Well this year everyone is in for a treat because I have mastered the V Pleat and now I am going to share it with you so you can wow friends and family too! You will [...]

Clan Cameron: The Tale of Five Arrows

We continue with our exploration of Scottish Clans and Clan Cameron and today we find out a little more about the clan crest. Worn to show allegiance to a particular clan, the Clan Crest belongs to the Clan Chief and the strap and buckle running around the perimeter of the crest shows that the wearer is a follower. There are two crests which the [...]

Tartan Inspired Giftwrap - Wrapping with Fabric

There are many reasons for gift wrapping with fabric, environmental reasons such as saving the trees and the fact that the recipient can then make something out of their wrapping paper, upcycling at it's very best. And of course the opportunity to make the gift super personal by using a piece of the special person's family tartan, or a district [...]

Doddie'5 Tartan Ted - Ted made it to Cardiff!

#Doddie'5 Tartan Ted made it to the Principality Stadium! After setting off from BT Murrayfield on the 1st October, Ted has been travelling between rugby clubs across the UK on his journey to Cardiff. Last week Ted travelled from Vale of Lune RFC in Lancaster to Lymm RFC in Cheshire. Ted was greeted by the Club President & Chairman on Saturday. [...]

The 2018 ScotlandShop Christmas catalogue is out!

A little early I hear you say, but our extra special Scottish gifts are custom made and we wanted to give you lots of time to order and receive yours, particularly if you live or are sending overseas. You can flick through at your leisure below or if you prefer a coffee table version send us an email and we will post one out to you, wherever you [...]

The Doddie'5 Cup - Doddie's Fabulous New Two Tartan Suit

Cardiff was buzzing on Saturday as rugby fans descended for the inaugural Doddie Weir Cup international Autumn test match between Scotland and Wales. Now an annual event the Doddie Weir Cup will rotate between the Principality Stadium and BT Murrayfield each year. Despite the teams already having an annual fixture during the six nations, the cup [...]

Scottish Clan Quiz - How Lamont are you?

Clan Lamont Fancy a challenge? Of course you do! Why not show of your Clan Lamont knowledge in our short quiz to put you to the test. Will you be the next Clan Chieftain or will you be chased out of the Clan in disgrace? Clan Lamont Quiz How did you get on? Are you a true Lamont or do you need to dig out the clan history books? Why not put [...]

Clan Fraser - Autumn Focus

Every season Emma deliberates over the colours and tartans to create stock collections for our Edinburgh shop and website. With over 500 to choose from this is no easy task and while we take into account the colour trends within the fashion world we also like to make sure we celebrate the amazing colours of truly traditional tartans with hundreds [...]

The Doddie'5 Cup - The Story of the Trophy with Great Big Lugs

Hamilton & Inches is famous as a destination for luxury jewellery but not everyone knows that below the Edinburgh shop on Edinburgh's exclusive George Street is a workshop creating some other truly unique pieces. Most recently the Doddie'5 Cup was commissioned and as a keen rugby man himself, Chief Executive Stephen Paterson, couldn't have been [...]

Tartan Inspired Giftwrap - The Envelope

For those of you who have followed our Tartan Giftwrap series in years gone by or even attended the Tartan Giftwrap Masterclass at our Edinburgh store last December, you will know that Jane Means is the special lady who can take the weirdest shapes and wrap them elegantly, or the most simple gifts and make them look very special. As gift giving [...]