Red tartan and tweedRed is such a Christmas colour, full of warmth, conjuring nostalgic thoughts of Father Christmas' famous coat, winter berries and Robin Red Breasts. Of all the tartans we sell the scarlet red Stewart Royal remains the all time favourite. This season we introduced the Scottish Heritage tweed range and the Russet red shown above is already the best seller. So why do we love red so much? Red is the colour of love and romance, a striking and vibrant colour, a bold colour we are told not to wear to an interview but perfect for a party dress, the colour of lipstick men prefer and the colour of life, presuming you are human and have red blood! There are many many fabulous red tartans. Choose the Modern tartans for a true scarlet red. The Weathered tartans give you a pinkier, more dusky shade of red. For an orangey red choose the Ancient versions. Let us know which red becomes your favourite this winter!