2016 was, it is more or less universally accepted, a terrible year. However, even the darkest cloud has a silver lining and the tiny glimmer of silver in 2016 was the fact that pleats are back in a big way. In the tartan trade this is understandably good news, so we thought we’d put together a quick how-to guide on making the most of this versatile style.

Relaxed Street Style

images (3) Combining your pleated skirt with an over-sized sweater and trainers – think white Converse, not muddy Adidas – will give you an up-to-date look whilst ensuring maximum comfort, perfect for popping out to the shops.

Quirky and Cute

apple-green-sweater-pleated-skirt-patent-loafers_400 Contrasting your pleated skirt with a solid colour sweater such as the green one below gives a quirky and cute look that doesn’t veer into childish. Top it off with a hat and leather shoes for the complete manic pixie dream girl look!

Restrained Rebellion

images (2) Throw a leather jacket on top of your pleated skirt for a bohemian look that isn’t going to raise any eyebrows at the office. An A-line skirt in this outfit would work well too, but I feel the pleats add a little airiness that the A-line misses.

One for the Office

download (1) Tucking a neutral toned blouse or denim shirt into your pleated skirt will give you a look that demands respect but doesn’t shout for attention, definitely one for the office. Top it all off with your favourite heels for a look that really means business.

Soft but Serious

download (2) Slipping your pleated skirt over a pair of tights will give you a look that’s feminine without being too girly but also perfect for the cooler weather. Layer up your top half with a sweater, blazer and scarf and you will beat the winter blues without having to resort to the dreaded hoodie!

Schoolgirl Chic

Tartan Skirlt Plain fabric and tartan combine for the look Clueless did so well all those years ago - cheeky but chic schoolgirl. Here we overdid the look with a school tie and blazer but you can tone it down by using plain colours on top for a more grown up look.

Spring Sunshine

download Contrast a brightly coloured pleated skirt with a dark sweater to really make yourself stand out. This look combines a classic silhouette with bold modern colours. Bare legs are best here, so save this look for spring.
This is just a taste of some of the many styles pleats can give you – and we haven’t even got in to tartan yet! Make sure you keep checking up on the blog for more exciting styles and suggestions.