Elle Magazine Cover October 2013 World renowned model and singer Sky Ferreira fell completely in love with our Stewart Black Mini Kilt on a recent shoot for the October edition of Elle Magazine. The "Style for Less" feature took a good look at high street luxury with a punk and rebel feel to it. Our tartan mini kilts are definitely the most loved item on our website at the moment and you can't get enough of them, be it in the classic red Stewart Royal or a less common tartan of your choice. Sky loved her mini kilt so much we let her take it home so if you spot her in it anywhere let us know! If tartan is not your thing then we have just introduced a Tweed Mini Kilt which looks fabulous. The range of tweeds is huge so you can for a real country style green tweed check or choose the aqua or purple estate tweed for a less traditional look. Elle Magazine October 3013 Skye Ferreira Tartan Kilt