Suggs SelectionGraham McPherson, commonly known as Suggs, best known as the frontman of the band Madness, but also an actor, former radio dj, television and radio personality. Suggs has always had his own memorable style often wearing suits and sunglasses. Madness were one of the most prominent bands during the 2 Tone Ska revival, they are still performing with their most recognised line-up. Suggs New Compilation CD caught our eye when we spotted the Tartan Suit Jacket worn on the cover of The Suggs Selection which full of classic's from bands such as the Who and the Jam who have been influential within British Music over many decades. The Tartan worn is Black Watch Modern which is predominantly blue, green and black. This isn't the first time Suggs has been spotted wearing a tartan jacket though, we spotted this slightly older photo of Suggs looking good in tartan. Suggs in Tartan
The Black Watch tartan is a more subdued tartan, designed with camouflage rather than display in mind. It it thought that it perhaps influenced the later creation of Hunting Tartans in the late 1800s. The use of a three colour check, with black separating green and blue, is unlikely to have been an existing design in 1739 when it was proposed. If your looking for a Men's Tartan Suit Jacket of your own then look no further.Our Made to measure men's tartan suit jacket is made in the tartan of your choice. Your tartan suit jacket is genuinely made to order therefore we can add many additional details or change styling for you. We can add or take away buttons to the main front fastening and the cuff. Cuff buttons are stitched as standard but we can make them "real" on all or some of the holes. Lapels can be satin or velvet instead of tartan if you wish. Pharrell wore a fabulous Stewart Royal tartan suit with black satin lapels for his wedding. The standard lining for our tartan suit jacket is black twill but you can also choose a contrast lining in red or to match a colour in the tartan to create a more striking finish. We love helping you to choose these extra touches so please call us or email us if you need some help. This blog was prompted by a customer who spotted the jacket on Sugg's album cover and asked us to create him the same jacket in the same tartan. If you spot a taxi driver sporting a Black Watch tartan jacket you know who made it!