Fred Finn the World's Most Travelled Man Today we have been talking to Fred Finn, the world’s most travelled man as listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Fred first became known as the world’s most travelled man in 1983, when Concorde noticed how many tickets he’d been buying. Finn then met up with Guinness World Records, and they counted that he’d flown 150 flights on Concorde, and around seven million miles overall – a record at the time. Now, Fred has travelled about 15 million miles, and has visited 139 countries. He also has the record for making the most number of flights on Concorde (718), with a seat on the very first Concorde flight, as well as on the last. We are honoured to have supplied Fred Finn with a Flower of Scotland Silk Tartan Bow Tie and Cummerbund and a matching Silk Tartan Rose Brooch for his wife when he is guest of honour at Burns night in Kiev on the 19th March.