Culottes again? Yes, guys. These cropped pants has gone from iffy-trend to must-have closet mainstay so if you haven't already, it's time to hop on board.
When you live in the UK culottes are perfect as you are never quite sure what the weather is going to do and this style covers all culottes My issue is always what to wear with a style I haven't dared to try yet. What top will work with this trouser shape? Stylecaster tells us that we need to "think of culottes as a modern version of an A-line skirt. Tuck in a blouse and add a great heel to get yourself started."

How to wear

The rules of wearing A-line skirts are simple so we will apply these here as instructed. The wide bottom means we need a structured top so something tailored or fitted. A fitted cami and tailored blazer or our bolero jacket work a treat. Cropped tops also look lovely but you will need a lovely slim, toned midriff which puts paid to that look for me!

Plan the shoes

Shoes are important with culottes as they are in full view so no grabbing the comfy pair you always wear, you need to plan your shoes. Heeled shoes or sandals with a narrow ankle strap or pointy toed pumps will compliment the wide legs of your culottes beautifully.Tartan culottes

What Length?

Mid calf is the most flattering length as it keeps your figure nicely balanced. If you are shorter then knee length will suit you better. Ours come in short, regular and long lengths so you can choose the right length for you.
Are you dreaming of a pair of Culottes or has this trend just not flared your fancy? Send us your thoughts and pics of your style.