Our Tartan Invaded Trends blog post series aims to bring Tartan to the forefront of fashion, illustrating how subtly including hints of tartan in your outfit can be as on trend as the latest fashion trends themselves! This week we discuss whether Double Breasted is in or out?

We had a quick look over our stats and according to our sales figures our customers definitely prefer Single Breasted jackets and waistcoats but is this really a fashion choice or simply a safe option? Let's discuss a few style pointers to help you decide for yourself. Double breasted jacketsSome would say that the double breasted jacket has always been more formal than single breasted as you can't really wear it unbuttoned. However thanks to some of our friends across the other side of the world it has been proven that actually you can wear your double breasted jacket open, and that this style brings with it a certain nonchalant look all of its own.

Style or comfort?

If we are talking comfort a double breasted jacket does keep it's shape well thanks to the layout of the buttons. This hides the end of your tie and any folds in your shirt around the waistband so you still look smart however tough a day or evening you have endured. The anchor button on the inside gives you a better drape and fit for a sharp finish to your outfit. On the other hand the single breasted jacket does allow a certain freedom, easy to open and close with one hand and if you choose a 2 button style it gives a more sporty and relaxed look. Single or double breasted the length of your jacket is really important and there is one simple rule. Your sleeve should reach to the middle of your hand and the back length should cover your bottom. Some stylists and designers currently go for a slimmer fit and shorter length but this is a trend and if you want to wear your jacket for years to come or you don't have a very slim figure a more traditional length is the better option.

Buttons - where and why?

The number of buttons on your jacket has been an ever-changing trend and the height of the first button has quite an effect on the style. On a single breasted jacket if you have 2 buttons the top button (or middle button on a 3 button jacket) should sit just above your tummy button to be flattering. Single breasted jacket stylesThe double breasted jacket has followed similar trends with a very high closure at the beginning of the 20th century dropping right down to level with the pockets in the 80s. Today thankfully we are back to a more normal height. We offer you a choice of buttoning configuration with the 4 x 2 being the most popular and the one to go for if this is your first double breasted jacket. Pictured from left to right below to help you understand: 4 x 2 - this style has 4 buttons and only 2 can be fastened 6 x 2 - this style has 6 buttons and only 2 of them can be fastened 4 x 4 - this style has 4 buttons and all 4 can be fastened 4 x 6 - this style has 6 buttons and 4 can be fastened

Double breasted jacket stylesHow and when?

The correct way to wear your jacket is with only the top button fastened (plus the inside anchor button) and this applies to all button configurations. So when is the correct time to wear a double breasted jacket or suit? There are no hard and fast rules and you can wear double breasted any time you would wear a single-breasted, however the double breasted style is a bit more of a statement and if you are going for a bold tartan then maybe save it for big occasions. For everyday wear the subtle greys of Douglas Grey Modern or Pride of Scotland Silver are a nice alternative to traditional Black Watch. You can always add satin lapels and pocket flaps to turn your jacket into a dinner jacket but don't let us get started on lapel style...we will save this for another post! Maclean tartan dinner jacket
What's your style? Do you prefer single or double breasted? Share your fashion tips with us and visit our Pinterest board dedicated to Double Breasted style.