Tartan can be worn by everyone and this includes your furry four legged friend. Whether they're big or small, boisterous or sedate, tartan is the perfect accessory to make sure your pooch is as on trend as you are. Let us guide you through the fabrics available and what is best for your special pet.
Tartan Pet Fashion - Stewart Royal

What you might not know is that tartan is currently one of the biggest trends in pet design and the perfect way to accessorise your pet with collars, leads, neckerchiefs, bow ties and jackets. You may want your pooch to represent you in your clan tartan and what better way to do this than by making some personalised accessories?

Our tartans are woven in Scotland in a variety of fabrics such as the most popular 10oz wool which is perfect for doggie accessories as it is very easy to work with, lightweight and soft for your pampered pooch. The polyviscose fabric is also a good option as this is a little easier to take care of and can be machine washed for the muckier pups in your life, however it is available in a more limited range of tartans. Pet beds are best made from either the polyviscose or our heaviest weight 16oz fabric which is very durable and will not wear with the comings and goings of busy dogs.

Tartan Dog Bed - Douglas Grey & Isle of Skye

If you are a bit of a sewing bee then you can make your own tartan pet accessories very easily. Stay posted for 'How-to-guides' on all things tartan. and pets. There are over 500 tartans available to choose from so you will never be stuck for choice. Our fabrics are available by the metre from as little as 30cm so however small your pet there is no excuse to let the creativity run wild and the crafting begin.

There are of course many very famous Scottish dogs and the best known of all has to be Greyfriars Bobby, a Skye Terrier so famous that he has a statue which you can visit in Edinburgh today. The Cairn Terrier became an icon of the big screen in the The Wizard of Oz, with Dorothy's dog Toto taking the limelight. The Border Collie (we have one lounging outside the ScotlandShop office right now) is renowned for their intelligence and Twinkle Toes pictured has a big following on YouTube for her fancy dance routines. The Scottish Terriers or Scottie Dog is loved by the press and appears on many a souvenir, who could resist?

Tartan Tails - What you can do with tartan

Who doesn't love a bit of attention for the pet when out walking and tartan always draws the eye, known worldwide and sure to spark the attention of anyone interested in Scotland, the pattern or that particular clan. We all class our dog as part of the family and tartan enables us to show off our heritage through simply wearing a certain design. Tartan was often noted for its association with the British aristocracy and military, and as a result the Scottish check developed an air of dignity and exclusivity.

Historic Tartan Kilt

Why not extend this air of exclusivity to your four-legged descendants? Make your dog a little more regal with matching tartan accessories, made by us or by your own fair hand.

Tartan Dog Bandanna

You can make all of these beautiful tartan goodies for your pooch with almost all of our tartan fabrics. For the items pictured I would recommend the 8oz wool, the 10oz wool or the polyviscose fabric.

Tartan BowTie Stewart Royal
So what are you waiting for? Choose your fabric and tartan then get crafty with your own bespoke pet designs. And don't forget to send us the pictures of your pets and creations.