[gallery link="file" columns="4"] Since the flamboyant golf legend Ian Poulter made tartan trousers the coolest item to be seen in on the golf course we have been making tartan golf trousers for all ages, from young golf enthusiasts to teams of golfers going on trips. A whole host of stars have now been spotted sporting their tartan golf trousers including Celtic's Scott Brown, comedian Ronnie Corbett, actor Ewan MacGregor, F1 legend Jackie Stewart and chatshow host Ross King. And today we have launched a new addition to the range with our tartan plus fours. On the site for all of 2 hours before the first order was placed the most popular tartan so far is the Holyrood. You can of course have them made in the Earl of St Andrews tartan which could not be more appropriate given it's link to the Old Course in St Andrews pictured above. The golf season is well underway and we look forward to spotting a few more celebs in tartan on the golf course, along with a few of your good selves. Send us your pictures and we will feature you on our blog and Facebook pages! And of course if you are going on a group tour and need more than 3 pairs of tartan golf trousers or plus fours we are happy to offer you a discount.