So, you've been invited to your first Burns Night but you're not sure what on earth to wear? Don't worry we are here to help with some last minute ideas in three of our most popular tartans.

Let's start with the tartan best recognised across the world - Stewart Royal. Stewart Royal is actually the personal tartan of Queen Elizabeth II. Theoretically, this means that tartan cannot be worn without the express permission of the Queen. Thankfully, due to its popularity, it has now been classified a Universal tartan, meaning it can be worn by anyone who does not have their own clan tartan. This makes the tartan a great choice if your attending a burns supper for the first time.

Queen Elizabeth - Stewart Royal Tartan
Queen Elizabeth wearing a silk sash in the Royal Stewart tartan during the Ghillies Ball at Balmoral Castle, September 1971
  1. Wool Tartan Sash In Stewart Royal - Follow in the footsteps of Royalty by opting for a simple sash, traditionally worn over one shoulder.
  2. Tartan Petal Brooch In Stewart Royal - A beautifully handmade petal brooch with 5 petals and a co-ordinating silk centre finished with a little button.
  3. The Muckle Peerie Poak Tartan Clutch Bag In Stewart Royal - Muckle means big and Peerie is to have a look, a Poak is a bag, often a term used for chips but in this case an elegant Poak for your purse and lipstick.
  4. Fine Wool Tartan Stole Or Scarf In Stewart Royal - A super lightweight stole which drapes beautifully and won't make you feel too hot after lots of Ceilidh dancing.
  5. Tartan Purse In Stewart Royal - Our tartan purse is made in a heavyweight wool fabric designed to last forever, lined with heavy cotton in a contrast colour. The flap is offset for a quirky finish.

Most Scottish men will choose to wear a kilt for formal events such as a Burns Supper, but if you're not so sure about getting your legs out then Trews are another great way to show your Scottish spirit.

What to wear for Burns Night - Stewart Royal for Men
  1. Wool Tartan Braces In Stewart Royal - Stylish wool tartan braces will help to keep your trews in place while you dance the night away.
  2. Wool Tartan Cummerbund In Stewart Royal - Cummerbunds became popular when British military officers saw colonial Indians wearing them, they were seen as an alternative to wearing a waistcoat.
  3. Wool Tartan Bow Tie In Stewart Royal - Our tartan bow ties are made with tartan fabric right round the strap and a hidden clip so are suitable for wearing with a wing collar or dress shirt.
  4. Wool Tartan Pocket Square In Stewart Royal - Finishing touches make all the difference to an outfit, find out how to fold your pocket square.
  5. Men's Tartan Trousers - Classic Fit In Stewart Royal - Tailored traditional men's tartan trousers will help you to stand out from the crowd.

If Stewart Royal is a little too bright for you, then Black Watch Modern would be a great choice. Black Watch is actually a British Army Regiment, first formed in 1725, following the Jacobite rebellion in 1715. During the rebellions tartan was banned to try bring order within the Scottish Highlands and the only tartan that could be worn was Black Watch as it was part of the uniform for the six watch companies set up to patrol the highlands. The tartan is still worn today by the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Black Watch Tartan Kilts

Despite it's background, you don't need to have military links to war the tartan, as this is also now considered a Universal tartan which can be worn by all.

What to wear for Burns Night - For Her - Black Watch Modern
    1. Tartan Kilted Skirt In Black Watch Modern - Kilts don't just have to be for men, our kilted skirt it a fantastic feminine take on the traditional kilt.
    2. Tartan Sporran Bag In Black Watch Modern - Our latest style of bag can be worn around the waist like a traditional sporran or as a shoulder bag for a more modern look.
    3. Tartan Block Heel Court Shoe In Black Watch Modern - Our block heel tartan court shoes have a nice and sturdy heel so you can keep dancing all night long.
    4. Luxurious Tartan Cashmere Stole In Black Watch Modern - Wrap up in Scottish luxury with a beautifully soft cashmere stole.
    5. Oversize Celtic Knot Brooch - This is our operations manager, Sarah's favourite style of brooch for keeping a sash in place.
    What to wear for Burns Night - For Him - Black Watch Modern
    1. Wool Tartan Bow Tie In Black Watch Modern - Our pre-tied bowties are the perfect stress-free option, never worry about a squint self tied bowtie again!
    2. Wool Tartan Cufflinks In Black Watch Modern - Top off that outfit with a set of smart tartan cufflinks set in a silver plated casing.
    3. Wool Tartan Tie In Black Watch Modern - If you are wearing an Argyll kilt jacket, choose a neck tie rather than a bow tie.
    4. Men's Tartan Trousers - Classic Fit In Black Watch Modern - Our men's trousers are made from 100% wool in the Scotland's finest quality 10oz tartan fabric.
    5. Men's Tartan Suit Jacket In Black Watch Modern - A timeless classic, perfect for the office as well as your burns night dinner.

    Clan Wallace are one of the best known clans in Scotland, all thanks to one important member - Sir William Wallace. There are over 20 monuments in Scotland dedicated to this the Guardian of Scotland and if you'd like to honour him this Burns Night, we are sure Clan Wallace will be happy for you to wear their tartan in his memory.

    William Wallace - Braveheart
    What to wear for Burns Night - For Her - Wallace Modern
    1. The Muckle Fantoosh Tartan Handbag In Wallace Modern - we've already gone over what Muckle is and Fantoosh means posh, so head this way for your big posh handbag.
    2. Tartan Purse In Wallace Modern - The perfect accompaniment to our Muckle Fantoosh Handbag.
    3. Wool Tartan Sash In Wallace Modern - Emma gives us her top styling tips in her guide on how to wear your sash.
    4. Tartan Mini Kilt In Wallace Modern - The mini kilt is the most popular of our skirts, a fun way to add a little piece of Scotland in to your wardrobe.
    5. Wool Tartan Rose Brooch In Wallace Modern - Rabbie Burns did love a red red rose!
    What to wear for Burns Night - For Him - Wallace Modern
    1. Prince Charlie Jacket & Waistcoat In Black - The Prince Charlie Jacket is regarded as formal or evening wear and should be worn with a bowtie.
    2. Clan Crest Belt Buckle In Lion Rampant - The Lion Rampant is also known as the Royal Banner of Scotland.
    3. Wool Tartan Bow Tie In Wallace Modern - Bowties first originated in the Thirty Years' War during the 17th Century and were worn by Croatian mercenaries.
    4. Clan Crest Cufflinks & Kilt Pin Set - Gift Boxed In Lion Rampant - Our Clan Crest products are made from old fashioned pewter with a plated finish of palladium.
    5. Men's Casual 4 Yard Kilt In Wallace Modern - A lightweight take on the traditional kilt, perfect for warmer climates.
    So there you have it, some top tips on what to wear this Burns Night. Now it's time to don some tartan, grab a bottle of Whisky and get ready to eat some Haggis. We'd love to hear how you get on if you are attending a Burns Night for the first time, share your stories & photos with us on Facebook or email us at