Lady magazine coverage The Lady magazine has fallen in love with all things Scottish this January. Bilberry Boot Socks from one of our favourite Scottish mills Johnstons of Elgin and Glenfiddich 30 year old whisky (although we prefer Glenmorangie as the grain grown in the fields around the ScotlandShop offices is grown under contract for this is other well know Scotch). Since the 20th January edition of the magazine falls so close to Burns Night there is of course some delicious Haggis featured from Ramsay of Carluke. Undoubtedly The Lady's biggest love has to be our A-Line Tartan Alana Skirt. Shown here in the striking red, black and white of the Tweeddale tartan the flattering bias waistband and shape of this skirt has made it our best seller this season. Pastel shades and summer tartans will be available to order this week so you can put some Scottish spring into your wardrobe. We use a lightweight wool tartan woven in the Scottish Borders to make our women's tartan skirts and the Alana is beautifully made to your measurements for a perfect fit. Fully lined with traditional leather strap and buckle fastenings on the hip a kilt pin tops off your heritage style.