Alicia Tweed Trench CoatBrittany Stewart Black BlazerA special St Andrews Day edition on the Today I'm Wearing website featured a range of outfits modelled by our favourite girls from PushPR London. Alicia chose the Tweed Trench Coat which complements her hair beautifully. The black and white houndstooth check is such a classic it appears on the catwalk year after year. The monochrome design works so well on a diverse range of clothing and interiors products. One of our favourites this year is Stella McCartney's blown up version of houndstooth check which she has made into a wool coat with a fringed trim. Lovely! If you are new to Today I'm Wearing it is the website to visit to check out hottest high-street items, best beauty products and latest labels. They will keep you right with trend based shopping guides and celebrity style inspiration. So who was Saint Andrew? This hardy Galilean fisherman whose name means strong became Scotland's Patron. His brother was Saint Peter, founder of the Church, so when the Scots needed protection in 1320 against the English Kings they were able to appeal to the Pope for help. This was The Declaration of Arbroath. Next up is Britanny wearing the Stewart Black tartan blazer that we so love for many reasons. Firstly you can wear it with anything from jeans to a dress and it always looks just right for the occasion, secondly it has a fabulous red lining so you can turn the sleeves up for a different look and finally you can't ignore the fact that this tartan frequently appears on the catwalk and is endorsed by many a top fashion designer. Flo Tartan Mini Kilt Flo is developing a serious love of the mini kilt and we can't blame her as this is a long standing favourite with our customers. In a fashion sense the length varies from year to year but the basic style is a classic based on the traditional Scottish kilt and it is never off the catwalk. The key is the quality of the pleating. Properly made kilts made in pure wool fabric (like ours of course!) will last forever and are the kind of thing you find in your granny's wardrobe and persuade her to give you and it still looks absolutely fantastic! Kat Tartan and Leather Satchel Kat has stolen what must be the accessory of the year. The satchel has taken the fashion world by storm in 2014 and there are so many fabulous modern versions on this oh so traditional and functional bag. Maybe that is why we all love our satchels so much because they are genuinely useful. Our take on the satchel trend has to be tartan of course although our boss has created a tweed one for herself and it looks so good we will be offering it to our customers very soon. The tartan and leather satchel comes in lots of subtle and bright leather colours and you can choose from over 500 tartans to create your extra unique bag.