[gallery link="file"] TOPSHOP tweeted today to all Mods and 60’s fans "you’re going to love our Factory Girl collection. A clever mix of tartan, preppy and monochrome". We don't tend to cater to the high street youth audience that is TOPSHOP's but we do love this new range. 3 favourites on the top line above. We definitely need to design some tartan loafers! If you want the grown up, sophisticated version of the Factory Girl collection then we probably have the answer. A few carefully chosen black, grey and white herringbone tweeds added to your wardrobe will still be re-appearing in 10 years time as it is such a classic returning fashion. Worth a bit of investment in our top quality Scottish fabric and we have lots of lovely tweeds for you to choose from. Personally I think I am going to have a trouser suit made in the black and white check tweed. Not featured on our website yet as the samples have yet to come through but as with everything on our website you can create whatever you like if you can see either the product or the fabric online. We specialise in making your dreams come to fruition. Be they tweed or tartan!