'Tis the season to make stockings! In preparation for the Christmas season, we sent our resident chatterbox, Ali, to go see how our Christmas Stockings are made. Our stockings are expertly made by Claire Morton, an absolute genius with a needle and thread, and a very busy lady at this time of year. She shared a few tit bits on her stocking making process, at least that was the idea...

When Ali met Claire

What fabric is used to make the stockings?Master Seamstress Claire Morton We prefer to use 10 ounce wool but we also make them in polyviscose cloth. How many components are needed to make each stocking? Each stocking needs 5 pieces of fabric; 2 pieces of tartan, 2 pieces for the lining - plain colours are best for this - and the handle. How long does it take to make a stocking? Not long, about 1 hour-ish, depending on how many you are making at the same time! Could you use a contrasting coloured fabric for the lining? Yes, why not? We offer a wide range of linings but we would try to match it to one of the colours of the tartan and of course, keep it to Christmas colours. What is the longest name you have ever embroidered? We have had a few Jock’s and Mom and Dad but the longest would be Merry Christmas Pinning the Stocking template into placeDo you have a favourite tartan? I like the Weathered Tartans but recently, my favourite is the Hebridean Heather. I should probably say Douglas though, as this is my family tartan. Do you have a favourite fabric? I love the quality of the wool that we use here at ScotlandShop.com. It is very easy to work with. Do you have them for your family? Yes my three boys have them as well as my husband. We even got one for ‘Sparky’ the dog this year. Does your husband like stockings then? You would need to ask him that question! Claire, how do you keep your stockings from falling down? We use Santa hooks but a nail in the fireplace or a good screw would be perfect. Can you think of any other uses for stockings?img_3758-2 We use them for decoration on the stairs before Christmas and then we move them down to the living room on Christmas Eve. Would you say you have a stocking fetish? NO! I didn’t even wear stockings for my wedding, opted for tights instead.

About Claire Morton

Claire studied Textiles Management at Leeds University, it was here that she really developed her love of sewing. After university, Claire began work at a textiles company in Manchester, working as the customer liaison for the lingerie department - what was that about not having a stocking fetish? Claire spent time in the Cayman Islands before moving to Scotland with her husband and her children, where she met Ali in the playground and was swiftly recruited to the ScotlandShop team. To learn how to make your Christmas stocking watch our video: Aside from our stockings, Claire also makes tonnes of other products for ScotlandShop such as: garters, baby shoes, scarves, bags, brooches, cushions, doorstops and hairbands, just to name a few. Belle of the Borders Tartan StockingBlack Watch Weathered Tartan StockingBowie Ancient Tartan StockingHenderson Ancient Tartan Stocking
If you want to make your own stocking, we stock 10 ounce wool tartans in 518 different designs, so you can find the perfect pattern to get your family in the Christmas spirit.