Your Home magazine does the Highland FlingBrilliant article in Your Home magazine for December/January 2011/12 with Richard Randall bringing the Highlands into our homes. There is something about tweeds and tartans that creates a cosy, comforting atmosphere in your home and these two pages show this off to great effect. You don't have to own a country pile to get the country look and simple additions such as a tartan or tweed doorstop, throw or cushion can completely change the atmosphere of a room. To create a more modern look or to create a fresher look for warmer months Richard advises using colourways that use duck egg, soft heathers and taupe. Use our tartan finder to browse the colours and find the perfect shades. Duck egg appears appears in the Thompson Hunting Ancient or Anderson Weathered tartans. For soft heather hues choose Heather Isle and for taupe peruse the Weathered tartans. Just type "Weathered" into the tartan finder and all the swatches will be there to view.