faithless-pride-scotland-liltNothing pleases us more than tartan being shown off at its very best and wow did Maxi Jazz from Faithless look fabulous this weekend. He wore a Pride of Scotland Ancient tartan kilt on stage at T in the Park and although sadly no ScotlandShop staff were there to see it the reviews are fabulous. The Pride of Scotland tartan can be worn by anyone as rather than belonging to a specific clan or region it was designed to reflect the pride within the heart of the nation and the colours are indicative of all things Scottish. The blue and white represent the Saltire, our national flag. The green and the purple the splendour of our hills and glens. The Ancient version of the Pride of Scotland tartan lends a soft hue to all of these colours, making it one of the most beautiful blue tartans around. It is one of our all time favourite tartans here in the office and if you love it too we can make up pretty much anything in it for you from a kilt to a cushion!