[gallery] As you maybe know from our recent newsletters ScotlandShop is undergoing a bit of a revamp behind the scenes at the moment. We will be keeping all your old favourite products and adding some fantastic new ones. The site itself is being updated with better photos of our products and to improve the layout and information provided. Thanks to those of you who filled in our survey in January this year as all of your comments have shaped the changes we are making. Last week we spent 2 days in Edinburgh taking some really fantastic photos and we can't resist but give you a sneak preview so below you can see a few samples of our hard work. Well done Kenny Martin from Infinity Gallery for endless enthusiasm and excellent resulting photography! And thanks to our lovely models provided by the Mannequin Model Agency. Well done everyone! Wendy showed off her stylist talents while Anna ran round with the clipboard panicking we had missed a product and carrying boxes round Princes Street Gardens in the rain. Luckily Neil our male model was such a gentleman that he gave me a hand! More sneak previews to come keep your eyes on this page!