This weekend marks the fiftieth anniversary of the untimely death of double Formula One Champion Jim Clark. A programme of events has been organised in Duns and Chirnside to commemorate the date and inspire future generations. Clark was from a farm just outside Chirnside and spent much of his youth in Duns, and is still thought of as one of Motorsports greatest drivers. His victory average of 34.25% is the highest of any driver. The small town of Duns just so happens to be where the ScotlandShop offices are based, there is also a Jim Clark museum in the town that displays an assortment of memorabilia, which is about to undergo an exciting re-development thanks to local fundraising and lottery funding. Jim Clark wearing a kilt leaning on his lotus The excitement kicks off with a ground breaking ceremony at the Jim Clark Room in Duns to commence the renovations. An Open Exhibition will run in the community centre in Chirnside for anyone to bring along and showcase their own memorabilia, and a church service in Chirnside where Clark is buried and an anniversary dinner at Carfraemill which you can purchase tickets for. As well as all these events there will also be Classic Team Lotus race cars and Club Lotus sports cars on display in Duns and Chirnside, including Clark's most famous race cars and modern sports cars. Clark raced for Team Lotus during his Grand Prix and Formula One races in cars designed and built by Colin Chapman and his team. In the world of Lotus sports car enthusiasts car upholstery renovation has become quite the trend, with tartan as the fabric of choice. The iconic Lotus Espirit S1 design featured bold interiors, including orange carpets, green detailing and seats lined in the Menzies Hunting Green Modern Tartan. The strong colours create quite a look and Lotus car owners love the interior so much they are getting it cleaned up to look newer. One Lotus Espirit owner has even matched the paint job to the interior by respraying the exterior of the car a bright orange, making quite the statement. Lotus Espirit Tartan InteriorOrange Lotus Espirit The 2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350 also features tartan detailing on the upholstery, in a brightly coloured yellow tartan that resembles the Menzies Tartan just in different colours, the closest match for this would have to be MacLeod of Lewis Modern Tartan, and this references the 1976 Lotus Espirit S1 mentioned above. This kind of funky interior detail is rarely found in modern manufactured cars, and is also a really strange tartan choice given that it clashes with the shiny emerald colour of the exterior of the car. Nonetheless a very cool and unique car, and the perfect inspiration for tartan car upholstery. Lotus Exige Sport 350 Tartan InteriorLotus Exige Sport 350
Why not join us in Duns this weekend to celebrate the life of Jim Clark, his magnificent racing career and his Scottish roots. You can even go a step further and choose the Clark Tartan for your car upholstery project! Here at ScotlandShop we have helped many customers choose the perfect tartan for their car so if you need any help don't be afraid to ask.