This year Wool Week kicked off in Milan with with wool and sheep taking over the city’s iconic fashion district. The micro-farm sat amidst the luxury fashion shops with the flock of sheep showcasing the natural, sustainable and biodegradable benefits of wool. Milan Wool Week Wool Week in the UK runs 5-11th October and in preparation the Campaign for Wool are asking us why wool is our fibre of choice. Last year we gave you the whole process of creating our wool tartan fabrics from sheep to tartan so this year we give you 10 reasons to choose wool: 1. Au naturel Wool is 100% natural, this means it can breathe and won't make you sweat like a synthetic fabric or polyester fleece. If you do have to run like Mo Farah to catch the last train home then it's okay because wool has it's very own BO beating anti-bacterial properties. Even Adidas have woken up to the joys of wool swapping synthetic polyester for the natural benefits of a wool upper for their new Ultra Boost style trainer. Adidas Ultra Boost 2. Colour magnificent colour Wool dyes like no other fibre which means the colours are so much better than you can ever achieve using synthetic fibres (they only absorb colour to the surface so you never get that amazing depth and strength of colour you see in the bold tartans such as MacLeod Dress). "Appearance retention is a key attribute of wool" say the experts meaning it will look beautiful for years. Campaign for wool 3. Snuggle up baby Wool is so warm. No other fibre keeps you warm like all those little fibres spun together and woven to make our tartans and tweeds. There is a reason the Highlanders could march about wrapped in a bit of cloth, no need for North Face padded jackets. Cashmere made in Scotland 4. Safety first Wool is naturally fire retardant to domestic standards. Due to the high water and nitrogen content wool resists fire and does not melt, drip or emit noxious fumes. Much safer to cover your sofa or make your curtains in a pure wool fabric, not to mention how much better they will look and how much longer they will last! Wool is fire retardant 5. Go green Worried about the planet? When the sheep are getting too hot in May/June time they have to be shorn to keep them healthy. This by-product used to create our fabulous fabrics is natural, renewable and sustainable. It lasts forever but if you do throw it out then at least you know it is bio-degradable and won't be contributing to landfill. Sheep Shearing 6. Easy peasy All creased up? Pull that wool jacket out of your bag, give it a good shake and the creases will fall out. If you've been on a long haul flight and didn't bother unpacking when you arrived then give it 10 minutes steaming in the shower room and you will be crease free due to wool's natural spring-like character. Patriot Tartan Skirt and Top 7. Pink sheep? Wool is sunsafe and naturally has high UV protection. Well you don't see any sunburnt sheep do you? Sunburnt Sheep 8. Grandpa's hand me down You know that dapper suit your grandpa used to wear and somehow it never looked dated and you always quite fancied one yourself? His suit was made of wool and traditionally tailored and this is why it lasts so well. Wool is durable and keeps its shape and if you can't persuade grandpa to give you his suit why yes of course we can make you one of your own! Black Watch Suit 9. Comfort is key The flexible, tactile nature of wool makes it very comfortable to wear or to feel underfoot. It breathes to keep you cool and is the original fibre for warmth. Why would you wear anything else? 10. Only the finest The enduring quality and style of wool is seen by the world's fashion and interior's champions as being superior to other fibres. Wear it and you will understand why. RAFW+2008+09+Wool+Protege+Catwalk+WvTEJdV6kztl We love wool and almost all of our tartans are made in 100% wool. Order a swatch and see the quality for yourself.