So a little education in how we achieve the quality that merits the Cashmere made in ScotlandTM label. All cashmere fibre comes from the finest underhair of the Cashmere goats in Mongolia and China. This underhair is found beneath the thick exterior coat and it takes an awful lot of it just to create one scarf. One reason why cashmere is so expensive is the rarity of this fibre, not to mention the difficult conditions under which it is gathered. But there is another reason why Cashmere Made In ScotlandTM is even more precious.

It is all about the fibre. Items carrying the Cashmere Made In ScotlandTM label are made purely from yarn spun with fibres that are a minimum of 34mm in length and a maximum thickness of 16.5 micron. This is only a small fraction of the harvested raw fibre. Cheap cashmere is made using yarn spun from fibre that falls short of these specifications. This makes it weaker and results in pilling and garments tend to lose their shape quickly. So spend a little extra and you have a the guarantee of quality that means your cashmere will last and look good for a long time.