Tartan can be a little overwhelming with all it's variations so today on the blog we take one tartan and talk you through the options and what they mean. Welcome to the Wallace tartan initiation!
[caption id="attachment_9894" align="alignnone" width="640"]Wallace_Modern_Tartan Wallace Modern Tartan[/caption] The most common and widely used is the Wallace Modern or Wallace Red Modern tartan, a vibrant scarlet, black and yellow tartan dating back to 1842. There is also an ancient version where the red is more orangey than scarlet. Is "orangey" a word? Well you know what I mean, not a true orange nor a true red, something in between. [caption id="attachment_9896" align="alignnone" width="640"]Wallace_Ancient_Tartan Wallace Ancient Tartan[/caption] The Late Wallace Clan Chief Ian Francis Wallace wore the green version of the tartan, the Wallace Hunting or Green. Designed with more muted colours for camouflage during hunting expeditions you can choose from the Wallace Hunting Modern with navy blue and bottle green and a yellow stripe, or the softer, mossy green of the Wallace Hunting Ancient tartan. If you are wondering just why there are ancient and modern versions of a tartan we have devoted a whole separate blog post to this subject. [caption id="attachment_9892" align="alignnone" width="640"]Wallace_Hunting_Ancient_Tartan Wallace Hunting Ancient Tartan[/caption] When we come to Dress variations of the Wallace tartan there are two to consider. The MacFarlane Black and White tartan, like it's red counterpart dates back to 1842 and is traditionally used for evening, formal or special occasion wear. [caption id="attachment_9890" align="alignnone" width="640"]Macfarlane_Black_And_White_Tartan MacFarlane Black & White Tartan (AKA Wallace Dress)[/caption] Dress tartans always contain lots of white, the sett remains the same but the main colour is changed to white (or occasionally yellow but that is a whole other story). Wallace also has a dancers tartan called the Wallace Blue Dress which you tend to only see worn by the Highland Dancers. [caption id="attachment_9891" align="alignnone" width="640"]Wallace_Blue_Dress_Tartan Wallace Blue Dress Tartan[/caption] There are a few other Wallace tartans registered but these tend to be by companies or individuals and are not recognised by the Clan itself. For example there is a Wallace Memorial Centenary Tartan which was designed by Christine MacLeod who was born in the village of Ederslie where William Wallace himself was born. Christine had a passion for the history of this national hero and his fight for freedom and joined The Society of William Wallace to indulge her interest. [caption id="attachment_9893" align="alignnone" width="640"]Wallace_Memorial_Centenary_Tartan Wallace Memorial Centenary Tartan[/caption]
So there you have it, the Wallace tartan in brief. If you have some knowledge to share or questions to ask please get in touch as we do love a bit of tartan chat!