This August, we are proud to be up on a billboard for the very first time and part of a brand new month-long photography exhibition showcasing the people and places that shape Edinburgh's West End. Photographer Derek Anderson, visited us at our Queensferry Street shop on a busy morning in May to take our Vanity Fair themed image, with the added quirk of Tam the Tailor stealing the show. Over 90 images make up the exhibition and they can be viewed on a big outdoor structure at Coates Crescent designed to catch the eye of pedestrians passing through Shandwick Place.

Edinburgh born photographer Derek Anderson has been visually documenting the area for the last 9 months to pull together the exhibition and has thoroughly enjoyed the experience calling it a "dream job" as he gained a behind the scenes insight into the people of the West End and applied his creative mind to bringing out those personalities. The on street exhibition embraces four elements:

Commercial "The Heart of the West End" featuring a collection of businesses like ourselves, focusing on the personalities behind them, with the Aga shop ladies

, the people who live in the area and shape its character, an exploration of the day-to-day goings-on in the area and the people who frequent it, along with shots of the public taken in a pop-up studio set within some of the busiest areas of Edinburgh's West End.

As pop-up studios go this one was pretty impressive, set up as a domestic room so you could be photographed on the lavatory if you so desired.

Edinburgh West End Character Project
Edinburgh West End Character Project, Photographer Derek Anderson

In addition to the exhibition there are walking tours throughout August for visitors and locals who want to learn more about the