This week in our How to fold your tartan pocket square series we look at the Scallop fold, as well a look forward into what the future may hold for the world of pocket squares.

Is this the future of the Pocket Square?

Jimmy Fallon, host of the American late night talk show - The Tonight Show, may have changed the future of the pocket square with his recent invention. An iPhone case that when placed in your top pocket only shows, what looks like a conventional pocket square. We all feel a little bare without our phone these days and what better place than a top pocket to keep your phone close to hand. When Jimmy noticed more and more phones hanging out of top pockets taking away from the style of an outfit he began dreaming of a way to solve this. After taking a prototype to J Crew the iPhone cover - pocket square hybrid, know as "The Pocket Dial", was born.The future of the pocket sqaure. Although we really love this idea, we can't help but feel that the pocket square should have been made in the MacLalchlan Modern tartan to match Jimmy's tartan tie. We look forward to seeing how this trend develops and will of course create one for you if you fancy being a leader of this fashion revolution.

The Scallop Fold

Back to business and the good old traditional pocket square and the many things that can be done with it. The scallop fold is a fun and pretty casual fold. It's great when you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, without getting into some really complex origami style folding. Scallop Fold Pocket Square

How to create the Scallop Fold

1. Start with the pocket square unfolded and the edges facing up towards you.How to fold your tartan pocket square - Scallop Fold 1 2. Fold the bottom left corner up towards the top right corner, creating a triangle. How to fold your tartan pocket square - Scallop Fold 2 3. Now bring the bottom right corner across to the top left corner, your triangle will now be halved. How to fold your tartan pocket square - Scallop Fold 3 4. Take the right corner and fold this so that the point is just over the edge of the left side. How to fold your tartan pocket square - Scallop Fold 4 5. Do the same with the left hand corner, this will now cover your previous fold. How to fold your tartan pocket square - Scallop Fold 5 6. Place in your top pocket and adjust as necessary. Scallop Fold
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