Tartan wedding dressThis blog post is genuinely inspired by a tartan wedding dress. We do love speaking to our customers and hearing their wedding plans and today we had another gorgeous bride to be on the phone looking for advice on fabrics for her wedding dress and accessories for the bridal party. So now that we have sorted our bride out with some beautiful tartan silk dupion and sent her away with lots of ideas to add a touch of tartan to her big day we thought we would share a little bit with you too. A wedding is such a personal thing and whether you want to go madly tartan and add it into every element of the day, or just add some subtle touches, we are here to help. Your favourite surprise for the groom is our tartan shoes, handmade to match his kilt and lovely peeping out from under your dress. Add a matching tartan garter to complete the look. So often it is the man wearing the most tartan, a kilt, suit or tails and we love this couple where the bride wears the tartan and the groom is beautifully co-ordinated. The super smart and contemporary Erskine Black and White tartan works so well with black tails and white waistcoat. Nice attention to detail with the black buttons on the white shirt all topped off with a silk tartan bow tie and matching pocket square. This weekend our first set of tartan tails will take their vows. They look fantastic and if you want to show off your tartan but don't want to wear a kilt or tartan suit then they are perfect. Kit the bridal party out in tartan waistcoats to match and you can create a very special and personal look. We have so many accessories for the female side of the bridal party that we will devote a new blog post to this one. Watch out for it next week!