There are lots of fantastic makers out there doing some wonderful things with tartan and over the years ScotlandShop has built up a little tartan crafting community who rely on us to fulfill their tartan crafting needs. As a salute to our crafters and to inspire you all we would like to take you on a wee journey to meet some of our makers and creators. Looking for the perfect tartan gift or looking for ideas to create your own? Come and see what Scotland's crafters have to offer. First of all, we are visiting Glasgow and the Tartan Picture Gallery.

About Alison

Alison has been buying tartan from us for her creations for years and not a week goes by when we don’t hear her cheeky laugh on the phone. Making beautiful tartan silhouette pictures for about 2 years now Alison shared that she has made about 1500 during that time. A busy lady! From the traditional stag to pink tartan flamingos Alison can make you anything. Fully customisable choose your subject, your tartan, your frame colour or even if you would like a name or text. [metaslider id=8506] Alison’s pieces make great gifts or mementos and look really funky on the wall, my own has mother two of her own, one of each of her furry Grandchildren.
Now I hope we have inspired you all to get making! Order your tartan remnants here and get in touch, we would love to see your works of tartan art and even showcase your work here!