Children are far more fun to buy for, inquisitive and thrilled by a cardboard box or some wrapping paper when they are tiny, super excited about the whole Christmas experience as they get a little older, pretending they still believe at age 11 just to ensure they still receive lots of gifts. And what else can shake a teenager out of their adolescent grump than time off school and an excuse to sit around and watch lots of films on TV? Whatever the age we have Scottish gifts to please all the children and grandchildren.
Childrens Scottish Gift Guide
  1. Tartan Christmas Stocking - pictured in Stewart Royal and available in any tartan with the lining colour of your choice. Finish off this very personal gift by having a name embroidered across the top.
  2. Boy's Bow Tie - the perfect mini-me gift, now Daddy and son or Grandpa and Grandson can have matching bow ties in your family tartan. Stock tartans available for last minute purchasing and yes we have made them for a dog and a cat before so they are adjustable and will fit any neck size!
  3. Check Baby Blanket and matching Baby Shoes - pictured in the Ailsa Royal Blue check and also available in Ailsa Pink this set has to be the perfect Scottish baby gift.
  4. Tartan Baby Shoes - you choose the tartan from a range of over 500 and we will hand make these super cute little shoes up for you. Suitable for up to 12 months old.
  5. Tartan Tammie Hat - quintessentially Scottish and a really fun little beret style hat made in Scotland and complete with pom pom. No "see you Jimmy" ginger hair in sight though!
  6. Fleece Tartan Baby Blanket - available from stock in Black Watch Modern (pictured) or Buchanan Modern. Embroidery available to make it extra personal - choose a name or special date or whatever means most to you.
  7. Truffles the Highland Cow - quite simply our favourite Scottish character, cute and cuddly and loved by everyone.
  8. Small Kilt Bag - traditionally pleated just like a kilt our cute little bags are available in a larger size for grown-ups too. The more you put inside the more the pleats flare out and a long strap means it can be worn across the body or twirled around as your little princess wishes!
And that concludes our Scottish gift guide for children. There are of course lots more ideas on our website but we don't want to overwhelm you. Whatever happens we hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy the magic that children bring to Christmas.