Based as we are near Duns, home to the Jim Clark Rally, we already feel a strong link to the world of motor racing and have spent summers passed sitting on a stone wall dyke as the cars roared past our road end.
It was nearly 50 years ago that Sir Jackie Stewart battled with Jim Clark to win his first title and he is no less dapper now. Every week we receive an enquiry about his tartan flat caps and we felt it was about time we dedicated a blog post to The Flying Scot's favourite headwear. [caption id="attachment_219" align="alignnone" width="720"]Jackie Stewart in Stewart Black Tartan Cap Jackie Stewart in his own Stewart Racing tartan cap[/caption] The Stewart Racing tartan was a version of the original Stewart clan tartan designed for Jackie Stewart and it remains licensed to him. To use this tartan we need to ask special permission. Always a bit of a trend setter, Aviator sunglasses and Rolex to mention but a few, the three times Formula 1 champion claims that he only started wearing a cap as he needed something to cover up his hair which would be matted to his head post race. Sir Jackie Stewart The cap wearing began with a black corduroy number but these days you will frequently see Sir Jackie sporting a Stewart Hunting Ancient Flat Cap and these softer, brighter colours suit him well. He even had a watch made with a green strap that co-ordinates with this green tartan. Jackie Stewart Tartan Cap By the time this racing legend retired he had already created his own personal brand and as he campaigned for driver safety improvements and built his own F1 team his profile only increased. Team Stewart were renowned for their smart attire, turning up for meetings all dressed in Douglas Hayward suits.
There is nothing quite like quality tailoring and we hope one day Sir Jackie might pop in to our Edinburgh shop or our HQ down in Duns for a tartan suit to match his cap.