Creating a hamper of gifts or simply lots of little items that you need to wrap up nicely into one beautiful looking parcel? Grab your cellophane, a small piece of fabric and a roll of tartan ribbon and get ready to learn some new tricks.

You will need: Cellophane, scissors, a box, basket or other container, a small piece of tartan (or other) fabric (our Craft Swatches are a great size for this if you want to use a specific family or clan tartan), and some ribbon to finish off your creation.

  1. Pack your box with scrunched up cellophane to create a base in your box or basket
  2. Pleat your fabric roughly, tuck the edges under and lay it in the bottom of the box to create a bed for your goodies
  3. Pack your items into the box (it is always helpful to have various heights and shapes which with no effort will look creatively stacked together)
  4. Cut your tartan ribbon to length ready to tie your bow
  5. Place the box in the centre of the cellophane and grip the two opposite edges at the top, then gather in all the other loose edges and secure them with a ribbon, no need for a fancy bow at this stage
  6. Tuck the edges to the back of the box and tape them down to keep it neat
  7. Make a second bow and tie this into the first bow so you have an impressive double bow