We welcomed ten lovely crafters into our shop in Edinburgh on Wednesday 21st of February for a tartan lampshade workshop at ScotlandShop. Leading our workshop was Sarah from What-the-Craft. Sarah showed us how to create our very own tartan or tweed lampshade for our homes and the results were fantastic! Marking Tartan Lampshade With Sarah’s instruction, support and encouragement everyone managed to attach the fabric to the lining and base and neatly tuck the excess fabric around the tops and bottom to create a very professional looking tartan lampshade. All tools and materials were supplied, including their chosen tartans. Each lampshade was individual and suited it’s owner and maker. make_a_tartan_lampshade The final selection of tartan lampshades created demonstrates just how diverse our range fabric is. With over 500 tartans to choose from not one made the same shade. Some of the participants chose their family tartan and others chose theirs to match their home décor. There is a tartan to suit everyone! One of our clever crafters had even made their own lamp base at home from a recycled glass bottle which we look forward to seeing. Tartan_Lampshade We will be hosting a tartan themed craft workshop every month in the shop. Our next one being on Wednesday 21st of March where we will be making patchwork tartan cushions. If you are interested in coming along you can buy your tickets online at Eventbrite or you can come into the shop on Queensferry Street to purchase your ticket. You will get the opportunity to choose your own tartan, learn a new skill and meet some other great crafty folk. Tartan Lampshade Creations
Future planned events include tartan door stops, tote bags and phone or tablet cases. Suggestions also welcome. After the success of this workshop I look forward welcoming more of you to our workshops!