The festive season looms and if you are much more organised than me you will be thinking about who you will have around your table and most importantly what to put on it. We have a few top tips to help you create something very special this year.

How do I know what size tablecloth to buy?

Regardless of the look you are going for, sleek and modern, rustic and homely, warm and festive, then there are some things that are very important considerations for your tablelinen, the base of all fabulous tables. We receive an awful lot of emails filled with descriptions of dining room tables and questions about what size tartan tablecloth would fit, so we thought it was time we offered some help.

How do I measure for a tablecloth?

For ordinary dining we would add 12 inches/30.5cm for the drop (cloth hanging over the edge of the table). Measure the full length and width of your table and then add 24 inches/61cm to the length and width to give you the final size. Remember to add in any extra leaves or or extensions before you start measuring. Our square and rectangular tablecloth measuring formula: Tablecloth size = (Length of table + 24 inches/61cm) + (Width of table + 24 inches/61cm) Young tartan tablelinenFormal Dining may require a full length tablecloth that reaches the floor. This is also a clever way to cover up a table that has unsightly legs or that clever extension you are adding on for Christmas lunch! Measure the length and width of your table as above. Then measure from the table to the floor, double this and add it to the width and to the length to give your final size. Our formal dining tablecloth measuring formula: Tablecloth size = (Length of table + (table height x 2))+ (Width of table + (table height x 2)) If you are wondering if you might like a longer drop hold up a piece of fabric or paper hanging from the table edge and put the chairs round the table and see what you think.

Measuring an oval table

If your table is oval then we can make you either an oval or a rectangular tablecloth depending on your personal preference. A rectangular tartan tablecloth will be cheaper as it is much easier to stitch in a straight line and there is less fabric wastage. But if you want an even drop all the way round you will have to order an oval tablecloth and measuring is not nearly as hard as it looks. Measure as above but take your measurement in the centre of the table to ensure you measure the table at it's widest points. Inform us your table is oval and we will do the shaping from there.

Round tartan tablelinenMeasuring a round table

To make a round tartan tablecloth you need to measure the diameter of the table with a tape measure. The diameter is measured straight across from one side of the table to the other through the centre. To add on the drop (cloth hanging over the side of the table) simply add 24 inches/61cm. For a floor length round tablelcloth add the height of the table x 2 to the diameter. Our round tablecloth measuring formula: Tablecloth size = Diameter of table + 24 inches/61cm Floor length tablecloth size = Diameter of table + (height of table x 2) So now you know how to measure your table you need to decide which tartan you would like. We stock standard sizes in 4 favourite tartans. If you love red for Christmas then the Stewart Royal will be your favourite or for subtle style the Black Watch is our best seller.
If you would like to show off your clan connections then we can custom make any size of tablecloth in any tartan. Standard sizes can be ordered online or if you have a weird and wonderfully shaped table email us the dimensions and we will provide a quote for you.