Back in November, just in time for St Andrew's Day Tartan Ted packed his suitcase and left ScotlandShop HQ to fly to California. Ted is now travelling from the West Coast to New York in time for New York Tartan Week.

Ted initially spent a few days with The North Coast Scottish Society who are based in Eureka, California. The society kindly took Ted to see the sights of Eureka and to their annual St Andrew's day celebration.

During the St Andrew's day celebration Ted was introduced to the Humboldt Highlanders Pipe Band. The Pipe band trace their roots back to the 1980's and a former pipe band called the North Coast Pipe Band, but unfortunately due to many members moving from the area the band ended in the mid 2000's. When a few of the founding members returned to Humboldt County a new band known as the Humboldt Highlanders Pipe Band formed in 2014.

Following his time with the Humboldt Highlanders, Ted then moved further down state to San Fransisco.