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Tartan baby shoesWe are already a bit of a girlie office at ScotlandShop but when one of our customer's kindly shared this adorable picture of little Austin in his new tartan baby shoes we were all getting very broody. How gorgeous! Austin lives in Australia and these were a special gift for him made in Christie tartan to recognise his Scottish heritage. We have always offered baby shoes in Harris Tweed and so many customers have asked for them to be made in their own tartan that we just had to find someone to make them. Claire is the lady behind every adorable little pair of shoes and she works from her workshop in Swinton just 2 miles from ScotlandShop. Claire trained with an underwear company before taking time out to have her 3 boys and then we were lucky enough to discover her secret skills during a playground chat and her hand sewing and machining skills are unrivalled. Your baby shoes are machined to given them nice strong seams and hand finished to ensure your chosen tartan looks it's very best. You choose the tartan so you can either select the prettiest colour combinations or choose a tartan that is linked to your family. Whatever you choose you know that Claire will have made them with true loving care, that your chosen tartan was woven right here in the Scottish Borders and you are buying a very Scottish baby gift. These are the kinds of very personal gifts that are a real pleasure to give.