A sash is a great way to bring a little tartan to any outfit. Whether you are heading out on a Clan Walk, off to a Burns Supper or going to a traditional Scottish Ceilidh or dance a sash can be something special and Scottish added to any attire. But how do you wear it I hear you ask! Well... here are some tips on how to wear your Scottish sash. First things first you have to get the right sash. Traditional made in wool but you can have one made in silk if you prefer and there are SO many tartans to choose from. At ScotlandShop there are a massive range of clan and generic tartans in every colour of the rainbow. A tartan to suit everyone! Remember to take in mind whether you will be looking to tie a bow or rosette in your sash when choosing the length. wearing a sash Please find below some tips on how to wear your sash. Remember that unless you are lucky enough to be the Clan Chief's significant other then you should wear your sash over the right shoulder. Left shoulder is for the Mrs Clan Chief! How To Wear a Sash You can wear a sash secured at the shoulder or with a pin, a brooch or tied. Here is a handy step by step guide to how to tie a bow or a rosette in your sash. How to Tie a SashStep 1: Fold the end of your sash once. Step 2: Fold the sash again so you have multiple layers. Step 3. Gather the folds of fabric in the centre and secure with an elastic band. Step 4: Add a brooch or pin over the elastic band. There you have a big bow! Step 5: If you would like to have a rosette style on you sash pull out the folded layers to form a more circular shape.
How will you be wearing your sash and to which glamorous event? Share your stories and pictures as we love to hear what Scots and tartan fans across the world are up to.