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This month we are all about the Macpherson clan as they celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the Clan Macpherson Association with a programme of events starting on 3rd August. The clan heart may reside in Badenoch but members come from all over the world and there are currently over 2000 keeping the spirit of the clan alive. Clan Macpherson Assocation The Clan Gathering kicks off with a walk up the Royal Mile in Edinburgh before the celebrations move north to Badenoch for a round of golf, a bit of afternoon dance practice for those feeling a little rusty on their Scottish reels ready for the Highland Ball and Chief's reception in the evening. Get your glad rags out ladies and gents as this is an excuse to dress up. Guidelines here beautifully written with a bit of humour and worth a read even if you aren't attending. Don't forget the rules on wearing your sash! More on that in a future blog and yes still time to orders yours if you do it this weekend. So who is the Chief of the MacPherson Clan? The direct line of the Macphersons of Cluny died out in 1943 and Sir William Alan Macpherson of Cluny and Blairgowrie, TD is the Clan Chief today. Sir William was not available for interview but his CV carries an impressive education and military record followed by appointment as a Judge of the High Court of England and Wales in the Queen's Bench Division. Now retired he lives with this family at Newton Castle in Blairgowrie, Perthshire. The Castle has been the home of the Macphersons since 1787 so not long! Newton Castle

A few fun facts:

  • In the 60+ years since the Kilted March began from Old Ralia to the Eilan it has never rained. Honestly ask the locals this is a fact!
  • The Macpherson clan has formed a virtual pipe band. This means members around the world can practice the 5 chosen tunes and then come together at the Gathering to play. "oh what a fine stramash" is the description of what might occur. Sounds fun to me!
  • There is suspicion that during the Jacobite rebellion Cluny Macpherson may have helped the disappearance of a quantity of Spanish gold landed on the west coast of Scotland.
  • The name Macpherson means "Son of the Parson" so we really would expect better behaviour than looting gold!
  • Cluny's Cage is a hut on the slopes of Ben Alder made famous when it was used in Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped. Cluny Macpherson was in hiding in this hut during the Jacobite rebellion before he escaped to France.
    What other facts can you share and are you off to the Clan Gathering? Send them in so we can learn more!