Oooh la la a cashmere beret!

Emma returned from our favourite cashmere accessories designer in sunny Hawick with a handful of berets in various colours and proceeded to model them showing off the many different ways you can wear your beret. She even wrote a blog all about it. Slouchy and casually chic, cheeky and carefully skewed for maximum character or pulled on as a simple statement of Parisian style. The Beret is back!Knitted Beret

Style tips

So how exactly do you style your beret to achieve Parisian chic? Tuck or don't tuck the brim, puff it up or pull it down, add a quirky tilt or wear it straight. Adjust any of these 3 elements and you can create a completely different look.

Tuck the brim

Tuck the brim under, pull your beret down over your forehead and add a cheeky slant so you lose half an eyebrow and create an intriguing femme fatale look. Part your hair so waves of gleaming hair can cascade down the other side.

Or don't tuck the brim

This is always nice when you have a different knit or finish on the brim to show off. Wear your beret poufed up like a mushroom and back off your forehead. Tuck your hair tight behind your ears to show off your beautiful face or allow a few curls to escape to soften the look. This style can be worn dead straight or slanted and pulled down over one ear if you are feeling cheeky.

Cashmere beretSlouchy chic

Soft, knitted berets and of course our gorgeous Scottish cashmere versions are perfect for this look. It is more casual and perfect for when you haven't quite got round to brushing your hair of a morning. Tuck all your hair inside your beret and pull it down so all the poufiness (is that really a word?) is at the back. To go vintage wear it further back on your head and if you like me you have lots of curls let a few of these escape or create a few sophisticated waves to pin into the front of your beret.
Et voilà there you have it 3 ways to wear your Cashmere Beret. Send us your pics of how you wear yours.